Though Sri Lanka is no longer ranked as a developing country, the feminization of poverty is still a challenging problem. The number of girls and boys attending school are fairly equal, but the number of women in the work force are less than half of the number of men. Unmarried women are particularly affected by poverty due to unemployment.

At Nidahasa, we believe that the people owning the problem are the ones who can solve it. When you invest in our training project, you invest in a woman’s creativity, her confidence and her career. You are supporting someones passion, and you are putting her in charge of her own life choices and opportunities. Sometimes, all one needs is a push in the right direction (and some financial security).


Is your business located in the southern province of Sri Lanka? Are you interested in participating in the growth of the region? Great! There are many ways to become a Nidahasa team player. Come share your skill set with our women, or learn our skills through an internship.

Is your company based overseas? You can still partner up with Nidahasa! We are looking for gold, silver and bronze partners who can support the Nidahasa project on a continuous basis.

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